CH Countrymanor Picture Jasper

Jasper is an absolute joy!  He is smart, funny, athletic, and mischievous.  You can "see the wheels turning" and the sparkle in his eyes as he expertly analyzes everything around him.  Jasper is fascinated by objects just out of sight (which includes counter surfing) and he is very determined to find any new objects in the house.  He loves to peak inside my curious cabinets hanging on the walls and look at the little glass animal figurines.  

Jasper's very first show he won best of opposite sex in puppy sweeps at the Williana Clumber Spaniel Club Specialty Show Antioch, IL, June 18th, 2005!  Judge:  Mr. Jack Gohde.


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Jasper is OFA Fair, PDH Clear, Heart Tested, and eyes CERFed.

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Clumber Puppies are all adorable, but I do think Jasper was the cutest!  


Jasper's Fun Pictures



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