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Big Spirit's Pagani Zonda "Tilly"

Tilly is my sweet baby girl.  She was my favorite from the day she was born.  Tilly is a charmer and knows how to work her way into your heart.  She is very silly, very beautiful, a little naughty, and I think part billy goat and part circus performer.  My friend has a full sized Dodge Sprinter cargo van that we take to shows that has 4 rows of shelves.  Tilly likes to climb up the shelves until she gets up to the top row by the ceiling, and then she runs up and down the row as fast as she can.  She loves to climb and loves to be up high.  She learns very quickly and is like her dad Jasper as you can always see the wheels turning and she always has that intelligent sparkle in her eye.  I have high hopes for Tilly as she already shows a lot of potential towards being a great show dog.  She has a beautiful head, fantastic angulation, and an adorable flirtatious personality. 

Click Here to see Tilly's Complete Photo Gallery

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tillysweardwin.jpg (1001972 bytes)
  4-26-08 and 4-27-08:  Tilly won 2 points each day and Best of Opposite Sex at her very first show at only 6 months of age in Seward, NE.  
Judges:  Mr. Arley Hussin and Mr. Houston Clark


tillytopekawin.jpg (489364 bytes)
  8-14-08 and 8-17-08:  Tilly won 2 point on Thursday and 2 points on Sunday in Topeka, KS.  
Judge:  Mrs Susan St John-Brown (Thur.)  
 Judge:  Mrs. Karen C Wilson (Sun.)  


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Click Here to see Tilly's "scary" Halloween Video.

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  CLICK HERE to see Tilly's Video "Jump"
(This video is approximately a 10mb file)



Kris Woodington  /  712-574-2458  / Sioux City, Iowa