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Big Spirit's Jaguar XJ "Seamus"

Seamus, or as his mom Sharon Holland calls him "Shamu" or "Mr. Shameless", lives in Madison, WI, with 3 other Clumbers: Fanny, Goldy, and Mr. Bigley.  Seamus is a good boy, but does get into a bit of trouble from time to time with his partner in crime, Fanny.  He gets to socialize with his sister, Daphne, who also lives in Madison, and also gets to go to Clumber picnics and many other fun Clumber related activities in the area.  Seamus is blessed to live with the nicest person I know and the best Clumber ambassador I have ever met - Sharon Holland.  I cannot think of a better home in the whole world for Seamus and I am so grateful that he has such a wonderful family and a fantastic life.

Seamus' Photo Gallery

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    Kris Woodington  /  712-574-2458  / Sioux City, Iowa