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CH. Big Spirit's Hummer H2

Hummer came into this world as the biggest of the litter.  When I went to my vet’s office to pick up the babies after they were born, Hummer was already stealing the show.  He was crawling over the bodies of his brothers and sisters, stepping on heads, and squawking loudly for food.  I had already decided on a race car theme for the litter as I thought it would be funny to have race car names for a breed that is known to be built for endurance, not speed.  Hummer, however,  just had to be called Hummer and he definitely fits his name.

My good friends Quinta Avance and Tessy Best came all the way from Topeka, KS, to baby sit for me for two weeks as I could not get the time off of work to stay home with the babies; and with 9 puppies I did not feel comfortable not having someone with them 24 hours a day.  Quinta really wanted a male puppy and was very determined to stay objective about the 3 males before making her pick.  Hummer, however, was the ultimate salesman.  He captured Quinta’s heart from day one.  I think Hummer picked Quinta instead of the other way around. 

Quinta and Hummer have practiced stacking on the grooming table since he was 8 weeks old.  Hummer is very well behaved for a baby clumber and is very eager to please.  Hummer is a big cuddle bug who loves people and other dogs, loves to play fetch, and loves his sister Rio who also picked Quinta and Tess as her home.

Hummer especially loves tennis balls and he can already catch them in mid flight. Hummer has a long career ahead of him not only in the show ring, but as a therapy dog. He has just the type of personality needed for therapy work. Hummer also has a special love for cats, especially Quinta's female cat. He is sure that she is his cat and should be with him at all times! And when she is not easily found he will search high and low for her and woof out to her! Hummer already shows a lot of potential as a great show dog.  He has a wonderful temperament, a great big boy head, a beautiful rolling clumber gait, and massive bone.  His first show, at only 6 months old, Hummer took Best of Breed over a special.  At 8 months, Hummer has already won a 5 point major and another Best of Breed.

hummercscanational2009 014.jpg (240081 bytes)
Hummer and Quinta at Clumber Nationals 2009, St. Louis, MO

BOBHummer.jpg (83836 bytes)
  4-26-08:  Hummer won 2 points and Best of Breed over a special his first show at only 6 months of age in Seward, NE.  
Judge:  Mr. Arley Hussin

   6-28-08:  Hummer and his mamma Quinta Avance won a 5 point major and Best of Breed in Vermillion, South Dakota.  
Judge: Mr. James Noe

10-11-08:  Hummer finished his championship with a major win in Lawrence, KS.  Hummer was shown by Quinta Avance  - what a team! 
Judge:  Miss. Dolores H. Maltz 
Hummer also received a puppy Group 3 under world renowned Clumber
breeder/judge Doug Johnson.


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Kris Woodington  /  712-574-2458  / Sioux City, Iowa