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Sweetie lives in Rockford, IL, with her mom Rose Sterling.  Rose waited for over two years to her Clumber Spaniel.  Sweetie's best friends include Rose's Rotweiler that thinks it is Sweetie's mom and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Sweetie was the biggest of all of the girl puppies and has a very confident, outgoing personality.  This is what Sweetie's mom Rose has to say: "She is exactly like her name sweet and lovable.  She is very intelligent and learns very quickly.  She amazes me sometimes like climbing onto the piano bench to get a toy that was on top of the piano.  She loves her parents (Ed and I) and her animal brothers and sisters.  Sometimes I find her just gazing at me like she is trying to get to know me.  This girl and I are going to grow old together and will always be best friends."

Sweetie's Photo Gallery

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Kris Woodington  /  712-574-2458  / Sioux City, Iowa