CH Lojo Audi Boxstar

Call Name: Audi - Born: 12/13/04
OFA Elbows & CERF

Smartest Trick:  I'm a clumber - I don't do tricks!!! However, I do love walks and car rides.

Audi's Pedigree

CH. Bacchanal's Will Be Gruff
(OFA Elbows Normal)
CH. Clussexx Billy Goat's Gruff CH. First Dawn At Tavirosh Belcrum Golden Pheasant At Tavorish
Dawn Dancer
CH. Clussexx Snow White CH. Lakeview's Winchester
Am/Can CH. Tanelorn's Bubble and Squeak
Fin/Int/Nor CH. Outline's Such A Mess Outlline's Going For Gold CH. Welladay's Wild-West
Galadhrims White Messenger
Outline's End Of The Line CH. Racroft Soloist
Outline's Modesty Blaise
Bacchanal Classy Chasis
CH. Welladay's Creme de la Creme - CSCA Stud Dog of the Year 2000
(OFA Hips: Fair)
CH. Don's Blues Brothers
(Normal Hips)
CH. Welladay's War- Lord
(Normal Hips)
CH. Clumbrolds Buddhoir Blues
(Normal Hips)
Outline's Harley Davidson
(Normal Hips)
CH. Welladay's Wild West
(Normal Hips)
Galdhrim White Messenger
(Normal Hips)
CH Bacchanal's Gerwitztraminer
Cameo's Standing Ovation CW Champion
Cameo's Bronze Bomber
Jamelle's National Velvet
Torsiliia's Primo
He-Sea's Power of Love

Audi Collage

Kris Woodington  /  712-574-2458  / Sioux City, Iowa